Architectural Review Board Coordinator @ Southern Community Services



General Statement of Position

Under limited supervision, manages the Architectural Review process, reviews plans and presents plans to the Architectural Review Board(ARB); prepares, coordinates the information for the ARB meetings; insures compliance with ARB guidelines; administers ARB related collection and disbursements; maintains ARB files and records. Provides communication contact for municipalities, property owners, architects, builders, real estate agents, contractors, etc. Assists with other general tasks for the Dunes West Property Owners Association office.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Reviews applications for new construction, major and minor additions, alterations, and renovations to residential properties. AdministersArchitectural Review Board (ARB) related collections and disbursements according to the fee schedule and refundable deposits.

Operates within the administrative authority for issuing Dunes West POA building permits.

ReviewsArchitectural plan details for compliance with ARB Standards including setbacks, lot coverage, elevations, topography, building materials, paints and colors, landscaping design, etc. Presents information to the ARB at semi-monthly meetings.

Prepares and distributes semi-monthly ARBmeeting information including agenda, minutesand related review information to committee members.

Prepares and maintains a variety of Association reports and statements including residential reports, check requests, committee minutes, refundable deposits, ARB meeting schedule.

Communicates effectively with property owners, management staff, local and state officials, Architects, builders, contractors, legal counsel, utility companies, real estate sale individuals, and landscapers. Communicates all ARB decisionsin a timely manner. Prepares correspondenceregarding ARB decisions in a timely manner.

Maintains ARBand computer files (Microsoft Word, Excel, Jenark). In unit resident files on serve data base

Provides ARB members with site inspections of completed approved permitted projects.

Reviews ARB Standards regularly for content and enforceability. Presents recommended changes to the ARB for review and approval.

AttendsDWPOA meeting as requested by the Community Manager or on the ARB’s behalf.

Assists with implementing all emergency preparedness requirements; including but not limited to contacting contractors, local vendors, answering phones, office customer service.

Work with the General Manager as necessary to accomplish the goals of the Association.


Performance Indicators

Knowledge of Job:Has considerable knowledge of the principles, practices, programs, policies and procedures of the Association. Has knowledge of property management and maintenance operations. Understands Architectural principles and property aesthetics. Is able to apply sound independent judgment anddiscretion to daily situations. Is able to interact and communicate with a variety of individuals and groups both in person and over the telephone in a clear and concise manner. Has the ability to prepare and maintain an assortment of records, reports and related information. Has the ability to review and verify information on Architectural applications. Has comprehensive knowledge of Architectural terminology used in plan presentation. Is able to offer assistance to coworkers as necessary. Is able to establish and maintain effective and efficient filing systems for Architectural documents and records. Has the ability to learn and apply new skills needed in order to promote efficient completion of duties. Has good organizational and human relation skills.

Quality of Work: Maintains high standards of accuracy in exercising duties and responsibilities. Exercises immediate remedial action to correct any quality deficiencies that occur in areas of responsibility.

Dependability: Assumes responsibility for doing assigned work and for meeting deadlines.

Attendance: Attends work regularly and on time with a minimum of tardiness and absences and adheres to Association policies and procedures regarding absences and tardiness.

Initiative and Enthusiasm: Maintains an enthusiastic, self-reliant and self-starting approach to meet job responsibilities and accountabilities. Strives to anticipate work to be done and initiates proper and acceptable direction for the completion of work with a minimum of supervision and instruction.

Judgment: Exercises analytical judgments in areas of responsibility. Identifies problems or situations as they occur and specifies decision objectives. Identifies or assists in identifying alternative solutions to problems or situations. Implements decisions in accordance with prescribed and effective policies and procedures.

Cooperation: Accepts supervisory instruction and direction and strives to meet the goals and objectives of it.

Relationship with Others: Shares knowledge with managers, supervisors and staff for mutual and Association benefit. Develops and maintains cooperative and courteous relationships with department employees, staff and managers in other departments, representatives from organizations, and the general public so as to maintain good will toward the Association

Coordination of Work: Plans and organizes daily work routine. Establishes priorities for the completion of work in accordance with sound time-management methodology. Avoids duplication of effort. Estimates expected time of completion of elements of work and establishes a personal schedule accordingly. Attends meetings, planning sessions and discussions on time. Implements work in accordance with priorities and estimated schedules. Maintains a calendar of meetings, deadlines and events.

Safety and Housekeeping: Adheres to all safety and housekeeping standards established by the Association, and various regulatory agencies.

Planning: Plans, directs and uses information effectively in order to enhance activities of the ARB. Designs and formulates ways, means and timing to achieve goals and objectives of the ARB and the Association.

Organizational Ability: Organizes work to achieve timely results.

Decision Making: Uses good judgment in developing and implementing courses of action affecting the ARB. When a particular policy, procedure or strategy does not foster the desired result, moves decisively and explicitly to develop and implement alternatives.

Creativity: Regularly seeks new and improved methodologies, policies and procedures for enhancing the effectiveness of the ARB.

Human Relations: Strives to develop and maintain good rapport with all staff members.

Policy Implementation:Adheres to ARB and Association policies in the discharge of duties and responsibilities.

Policy Formulation: Keeps abreast of changes in operating philosophies of the ARB and Association and continually reviews department policies to ensure that any changes in Association philosophy or practice are appropriately incorporated.


This job is open at the following location:

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina -- - Mount Pleasant, South Carolina